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Start the day with a to do list and check it at the end of the day. Jot down ‘pop up’ thoughts, commitments or ideas throughout the day. Do this on paper or digitally.

Remove sources of distraction on your devices. Delete apps, remove notification dots, disable phone sounds and vibrations - you can even put your phone in grayscale!

Set aside time to focus. Use DND mode or airplane mode, put phones out of sight and consider using noise cancelling headphones.

Check your phone usage and make plans to reduce the time spent

Single Tasking rather than multitasking

Create tech/device free zones at home

Tidy your physical space. Eliminate objects that derail productivity or add objects that help break/make habits and improve focus.

Do a delete digital clutter e.g. clean up device files, simplify your home screen, put into a different mode and manage folders

Label folders on phone with intentions or usage e.g. productivity tools, "Stay Away"

Challenge every piece of tech and set boundaries - is this good for me or needed?


Dive into the articles, apps and extensions below to find out how to manage your device to create quite, focused time free of distractions.


Explore the apps, extensions and websites below to find ways to monitor your device use and create moments of focus

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Medito: 100% Free Meditation App that will improve your Mental wellbeing with the help of Guided Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness Practices, Relaxing Sounds, and much, much more. 

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Freedom: is the app and website blocker used by over two million people worldwide. Use Freedom to temporarily block time-wasting apps and websites so you can be more focused and productive. Take control of your screen time!

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Forest App: Can't stop checking your phone? It's time to take back control and unleash your productivity with Forest, the revolutionary timer app that eliminates distractions and rebuilds your attention span!


Bear Focus Time (BFT): Tom is a friendly bear, except when you can not concentrate. He will do his best to help you focus on something. ​Pomodoro Method and white noise will help you focus more.

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The Space App: is a personalised behaviour change programme designed to help you think about how you use your phone and how it affects your life. Put your phone down and look up at the world around you.

Screen Time Challenge is a personal time management tool to help you break the addictive power of smartphones and the internet and start using your time more effectively.

OffScreen helps you track phone usage and keeps you stay focus including: tracking screen times, focus mode, visualizing and sharing your data and the digital detox challenge! 

Digital Wellbeing: See a complete picture of your digital habits with daily reviews, see where you need to make changes and  disconnect whenever you want

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Daywise is like a smart post box for your notifications. See only important notifications instantly, view the rest later on your time. Improve your focus and get more done! 

Tune is an experimental Chrome extension from Jigsaw that lets people customize how much toxicity they want to see in comments across the internet. 




Kim K places consistent limits on her and her family's device time to make sure they do not replace adequate sleep, physical activity and other behaviours essential to health. Kim designates tech-free times/zones with others: at dinner, as a car passenger, and in bedrooms. Want to create a better schedule?


Billie Eilish used Adobe tools for the release of her new album, “Happier Than Ever”, which includes her self-directed music video Happier Than Ever created using Adobe Creative Cloud. Want to learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud?



Rogan has a folder on his phone called 'ADDICT' in all caps at the end of his phone pages so he has to consciously scroll through all of his other apps to get to distracting tools like Instagram if he wants them. Want help making your phone less distracting?


Kendrick Lamar not only bans mobile devices from his gigs, he actually goes months without a phone when he needs to focus on his work and that which matters most to him. Want strategies to go without your phone?


Lorde's phone is set to greyscale, has no internet browser; and she is locked out of her social media apps, with others handling the passwords; and a friend even made YouTube inaccessible on her laptop. Want to block certain apps?


REMEMBER: If you want to use digital tools creatively, to use strategies to go phoneless, block apps, a better schedule, or to make your phone less distracting - we are here to help you



It's difficult to stop distractions from access to anything and everything (all of the time) but we will help you to get better at using technology with intention and purpose to improve yourself at BCoT. The Digital team are here to help you and your Teachers improve your learning experience. Find us on the first floor in F Block, in the the Learning Hub, LaunchSpace or in the Lab (F102)

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